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Since 1983 Sonic has been the leading source of Accurate and Race Tested Technical Information for all generations of the Toyotas A body, 
the Toyota Supra: MA-47, MA-67, MA-71, JZA-80 and all other Supras from JDM to Europe models.
SONiC is as a non-profit Car Club. Its purpose is to help Supra owners with technical assistance, and preventative service procedures, and also allow owners to receive discounts on parts and service at authorized Toyota dealers and other vendors around the continent. To order discounted parts click here for contat info on placing orders
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President of SONiC (Supra Owners Network In Canada)
Reg Riemer, Alberta, Canada.

Last Site Update - July 2 2014
Look for more coming soon and a brand new site!

This is the old classic Sonic Site reworked with new content; lots of info here so backup what ever you need before its gone!

The links to what Reg Riemer of founder of SONiC has been doing for the last 12 years.

Yes, I still have all my Supra's but we have been busy at RCTS the past 12 years.

*The RCTS Canada R&D Lab!
*Reg working for Toyota F1/TTE, the development of the IS430 in Koln Germany!
*The development of the "Riemer" IS300 Twin Turbo VVTi Six Speed road racer
*Testing Movies for the IS300 Twin Turbo
*HKS Pro Dealer RCTS Canada R&D, does One Lap Supra all new with JZA-80 fcon V-pro

*Check out the newly updated SONiC SonicTech pages, Important Tech notes for your Supra at this link
*Be sure to see this inside look at Toyota ECU Maps, for 7M-GTE, 2JZ-GTE, as well the HKS VPC
*SONiC Movies for Download
*Pictures of Sonic Members Cars
*Pictures of Supras all years

The SONIC Supra GTE (365 RWHP 7M-GTE powered 1982 Supra):

*The Supra GTE Story Page, how the car was built up

*The Supra GTE Home Page dating to 1994
*The Supra GTE Intercooler upgrade page {THIS PAGE HAS LARGE IMAGE FILES}
*Supra GTE tech note about the Supra GTE, 7M-GTE engine conversion kit for the MK II
*Supra GTE conversion kit tech notes and pictures of  the SONiC kit
*An inside look at ROM Tuning by Sonic and RCTS Canada! Check out this cool link on the software behind the HP



*One Lap of America Race Event Web Site for the SONiC/RCTS 620 RWHP JZA-80-GT45
*2000 One Lap Event Pictures  (big files, click this one and go refill your drink, worth the wait)
*More links to info on the SONiC/RCTS One Lap of America Supra
*In car Camera Movie link 1
*In car Camera Movie link 2
*1999 One Lap Event pictures (big files)
*1998 One Lap Event Photos (lots more big files, but worth the wait)
*1997 One Lap Event Photos
*1996 One Lap Event Photos
*Link to RCTS Canada Racing History Pages


HKS F-Con V-pro v3.3f for 7M-GTE Turbo Engines

*RCTS Canada R&D inc is selling a HKS V-pro correctly configured for the 7M-GTE this ECU makes the 7M-GTE run better than I have ever seen, amazing stable smooth idle like 2JZ-GTE


HKS Performance Upgrades recommended by SONiC, accept no substitutes

*HKS JZA-80  Japan Spec Twin Turbo Special Ceramic GT Turbine upgrade pictures
*HKS Metal Head Gaskets
*HKS Intercooler Upgrades

Some SONiC History, and how to Join

2000 One Lap of America MIS (We Ran 4th Place Overall)

1999 HKS/SONiC One Lap of America Supra TT

1996 HKS/SONiC One Lap of America Supra TT
Sogi/Sonic from 1996 One Lap
1996 One Lap Supra


You can also become a member of SONiC

SONiC is as a non-profit Car Club. Its purpose is to help Supra owners with technical assistance, and preventative service procedures, and also allow owners to receive discounts on parts and service at authorized Toyota dealers and other vendors around the continent.

Over One Thousand Nine Hundred owners of the Toyota Supra use the Sonic web site as their trusted guide to safe performance and reliability for their model of Toyota Supras. I founded SONiC because I love the Toyota Supras and I have a great deal of respect for Toyota as a manufacturer. In fact I will go so far as to say that Toyota is truly one of the most honorable car manufactures in the world.

Please feel free to e-mail me your name, city of residence and e-mail address, as well as your Supra or Supras info. (yes, many members have more than one Supra, most of us are complete Toyota nuts)! 

I will add your info to the SONiC members list. All owners names and city of residence are held in a locked database. NOTE: this list is not used for sales or any other type of mail outs. SONiC is a non-profit group, memberships are free to anyone who owns a Toyota Supra.

Note: Let SONiC know about any e-mail address changes so that you may continue to receive current info. Dead e-mail addresses will be deleted from the SONiC database.

Our large Membership allows Toyota and other manufactures to recognize us Toyota Supra Owners as an organized and focused group of some of Toyotas best fans..

As stated above, SONiC continues to offer free memberships and help to all Toyota Supra Owners.

Click Here for Sign-up instructions
This above link is the same link as the one at the very top of this page!

SONiC is non-profit, only kept up for the love of the Toyota Supra, its too bad Toyota lost all there MoJoe and canceled all there exciting cars!

Open Road with Turbo Supra GTE

SONiC 350 RWHP Supra GTE project Car
Supra GTE on Dynojet 248E with HKS Sport Turbo
Reg's 1982 Supra GTE with '1990 HKS/7M-GTE Turbo Engine, 
warming up the Dynojet 248E

Regs Rally car from 1984


Reg Riemer of SONiC has more than 30 Years experience with the Toyota Supra and has earned a world wide reputation with Toyota and other Manufacturers for building extremely fast and reliable road racing and Rally Toyotas. 

See this link for some pictures of the SONiC racing history.

The SONiC/RCTS One Lap of America Supra Page

20 years ago Reg built the Cool and Super Fast 1982 Toyota Supra Turbo GTE, which graces the pages of the January 1995 issue of "Turbo and high-tech Performance magazine". He purchased a wrecked 1990 MA-71 Supra Turbo and elegantly grafted the complete 7M-GTE engine and TCCS system unscathed into the strong light weight 1982 Supra GTS body shell. After pumping up the 7M-GTE turbo engine with plenty of HKS turbo goodies, along with upgrades designed by Regs Engineering company RCTS CANADA the result is  one of the meanest dead reliable street Toyotas ever constructed, not excluding the big bucks 1995 Supra Twin Turbo.


HKS TO4E & STOCK CT-26 turbos

HKS Sport Turbo (left) & Toyota CT-26 Turbo.

Turbonetics Super V & Stock CT-26 turbos

Turbonetics Super V (left) & Toyota CT-26 Turbo.

As of June 2014 it is getting almost impossible to find good turbochargers for the 7M-GTE, there are very few CT-26 turbos left that are not damaged and cracked. So cores are impossible to find and there are no companies making reliable turbo upgrade kits anymore for the 7M-GTE, I am planning to find a good reliable source of brand new turbos that bolt onto the 7M-GTE stock manifold. Look here and at RCTS Web site for details as we test new options. We are currently trying a Taiwan company that has copied the CT-26 and offers two versions and good prices. Keep you posted.



{SONiC} Supra Owners Network In Canada
Information provided is given free of charge in good faith without prejudice.

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